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Cute Ghost Trio
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Decorate your holiday scene with the Cute Ghost Trio from Fun Little Toys

Be careful walking through the graveyard tonight, there’s been talk of ghosts roaming about the town. The ghosts are said to take the form of the classic ghoul so often seen on TV. Don’t look now, but that just might be the terrifying trio right across the way. These are more than your average Halloween party decorations. There are beautifully colored lights shining bright all throughout the spirits hanging in the air tonight. You heard it correctly: each of these excellent apparitions shine and flash bright, blue, red, and green lights underneath their spirit sheets. The Halloween Haunter material is silky smooth to the touch and colored in a surprisingly bright white. Lightweight and easily foldable, each hanging Halloween ghost can be unpacked and assembled in a snap.

  • Hatted Collection: The Cute Ghost Trio represents the most classic collection of Halloween spirit available today. Featuring 3 hanging ghosts wearing cute and spooky hats designed to delight
  • Marvelous Design: This product provides the perfect Halloween party decoration to any home – haunted or not! Add some some marvelous design to the room once you hang up these cute Halloween finds
  • Setup Made Easy: These Halloween hanging ghosts are designed with long-lasting lanyards, making setup simple and decoration enjoyable. All that’s required to get these ghouls flying is a friendly hook or nail to hang on
  • Portable & Storable: The Halloween Ghost Trio takes indoor seasonal decorations to the next level – each comical spirit is extremely lightweight & easily foldable. Fun Little Toys designed each of the Halloween Haunters with your enjoyment in mind, from setup to storage
  • Worry-Free Warranty: Product comes alongside a 90 day worry-free warranty, making your purchase that much easier
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