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What to eat for ageing skin

If only we could stay young and beautiful forever (sigh). Bit diet can help. Nutritionist Rick Hay explains what to eat for ageing skin.

Whether you’ve sun bathed on a white sandy beach, lived in an air polluted city, affected by stress, eaten unhealthily or all of the above, you would’ve noticed the affects of ageing skin. However, sourcing the right vitamins and nutrients could help with redness, inflammation and wrinkles.

In the video below Nutritionist Rick Hay, explains what types of foods can help prevent ageing skin and what should be avoided. Some supplements are also recommended.

Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables 

The best foods to eat for ageing skin are those that are brightly coloured, rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene. There is a process called collagen cross-linking which is caused by consuming vitamin C, this is when the skin begins to plump, firm and decrease wrinkles in the skin. You can source these nutrients from such foods as oranges, cantaloupes, apricots, peaches, berries and strawberries to name a few.

Essential fatty acids

Another type of food to fight against ageing skin are the essential fatty acids. These are crucial for maintaining a healthy cell membrane regulation, responsible for keeping the skin hydrated while holding in all good nutrients. The hydrated skin provides it’s own natural oil to plump and firm the skin as well. A lack of essential fatty acids can leave the skin feeling dry and inflamed. Hay recommends eating salmon, mackerel, avocado and hemp powder.

What to avoid

The big no-nos are any foods that have very high sugars, anything highly processed, high in animal fats and nothing with too much wheat and diary. These unhealthy options will develop a redness and inflammation in the skin. Also the obvious alcohol and tobacco won’t benefit your skin in any way and add to inflammation.

Something that is not food related and has a big involvement with ageing skin is stress. Stress can be the cause of many problems skin and hair related. In our bodies we have stress hormones called cortisol and when we become stressed these levels rise, increasing oil production which can cause oily skin, acne and other skin related issues.


Rick’s recommendations to key vitamins for the skin are A, C and E. Reasons for these are that they will provide strong collagen formations leaving the skin feeling firm and lowering any inflammation. Zinc is also another important supplement worth taking because it’s high in wound healing properties.



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