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What to Eat After a Workout at the Gym: 4 Easy Tips

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gymming or working out is no longer an option, it is a necessity. You need to incorporate it in your daily routine to stay fit and active. And this applies to all ages. Experts agree that a certain amount of physical activity can help maintain your health as you age. And then of course, there is the urban obsession with losing weight. Many embark the fitness regime to look well sculpted and toned up, burning all those fats and making more muscles.
Read ahead to know that it is not only your selection of exercises which are important, but many other aspects you need to keep in mind post your workout regime.

1. Eat Within 30 Minutes of Your Workout

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What you eat post your workout plays a key role in impacting muscle gain. After doing a strenuous workout, one should eat a ‘recovery’ meal as soon as possible. According to Dr. Anju Sood, who has been working in the field of nutrition for about 25 years in Bangalore, one should have a protein-rich meal within half an hour of their workout and should avoid carbs if one wants to tone up. “Fat is the culprit”, she asserts.Our body uses up nutrients during workouts, so post-exercise meals are all about providing the body with what it has lost for repair and healing. In fact, it’s the recovery after exercise that really helps in terms of building strength, endurance and lean muscle tissues. Not recovering properly will make you weak when you go for your next workout, and also increase your injury risk.

2.  How to Plan Your Diet

A lot of people think because they did an intense workout, they deserve a burger. During the workout the body mobilizes the fat and one is generally left hungry post exercising. Hence, we tend to have a lot of unhealthy food, which gets us back to square one. It is thus important to make sure you have the necessary intake of nutrients.

Your diet also depends on the time you are working out. For example, if you workout in the evening, you can avoid having carbs for dinner, but in the morning, one should eat carbs. Dr. Shalini Manglani a well-known nutritionist of Bangalore cautions, “one can have from seven to fifteen grams of protein in their meal post the workout. However, it further depends upon the person’s weight and height and for how long they workout.”


3. Stay Hydrated

After gymming, we sweat and therefore lose electrolytes, which are minerals found in the blood that help in regulating the amount of water in our body. While a normal workout wouldn’t require electrolyte-replenishing but those who participate in longer and tough workouts generally need it. Sheela Krishnaswamy draws our attention to the fact that it’s also not necessary to have a big meal if it’s just one hour of workout. However, it is important to stay hydrated. Apart from having plain water, one can have coconut water which is a rich source of potassium that counteracts the effects of sodium This helps in maintaining proper fluid balance in the body, and aids in avoiding cramps after an intense workout schedule.

4. Recovery Drink

Bored of the regular protein shake? You can also sip a delicious chocolate milkshake after working out, which will replenish your energy levels and the glycogen index. According to Cornell University researchers, chocolate milk, as long as it is low fat, is the ‘gold standard for a recovery beverage’. Clint Wattenberg, the coordinator of sports nutrition at Cornell, said that “20 grams of protein is optimal for muscle recovery for an athlete weighing around 10 tones.” It was concluded in the research that chocolate milk was as effective as any other sports beverage.


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