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The Best Travel Hacks We Know

Traveling can be so glamorous and rewarding, but let’s face it: Every vacation comes with hidden expenses, hours spent in tight spaces and some inevitable curve balls. Let us help with these ten handy hacks to take some of the stress out of jet-setting.

Clear Your Cookies Before Booking

Airlines use “dynamic pricing,” which means flight prices go up with demand. So your flight will get more expensive with every window refresh. The trick: Hide the details of your online history by clearing your cookies.

Book One-Way Flights

Buying a round-trip flight isn’t always cheapest. Airlines often promote single-trip sales, and the app Skiplagged shows cheap one-way flights and hidden-city ticketing (which means your final stop is a flight’s layover).

Do Some Simple Travel Math

According to the site CheapAir, there is no cheapest day of the week to buy a flight. There is, however, a formula. They say buying your ticket 54 days (or about eight weeks) before the day you want to depart will be the best deal.

Negotiate Your Airbnb

News flash, people: The daily rate shown on Airbnb is not necessarily final. Airbnb hosts are human beings with feelings, after all. Write a polite email to explain the details of your trip and ask if there’s anything they can do.

Invest in Garment Folders

These little babies are a godsend. They compress your clothes and take up minimal space in your suitcase, not to mention they keep your garments perfectly folded and wrinkle-free.


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