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Health Is Wealth: 7 Tips To Stay Healthy In College

It’s commonly believed that a college student’s diet consists of variations of instant ramen noodles. Who says that you can’t stay healthy in college, though? You just need to be aware of the things that you’re eating and the things that you’re doing.The Huffington Post shared seven tips that college students can follow to stay healthy while in university. These will help keep you fit so that you can make the most of your college life.

1. Eat healthy.


It would make sense that college students should keep their ramen noodle consumption at a minimum or stay away from it altogether if they want to stay healthy. Stay away from junk and processed foods as well as sweets. Check out these ways to cook for one on a budget.

2. Be watchful for signs of depression.



The publication noted that depression is common among college students. You need to be aware of yourself so that you can stop yourself from slipping into a depressive state. Steer clear of drugs and alcohol. Keep in touch with a good support system consisting of people whom you trust.

3. Go to the dentist.


Dental health is important yet it is neglected most of the time. The ideal is to visit your dentist every six months.

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise.


To be healthy, it is advised to have at least about half an hour’s worth of exercise every day. Here are some affordable workout ideas that you can do in your dorm room or around the campus.

5. Understand the importance of sleep.

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

College students are some of the people who are most sleep-deprived. However, sleep is a necessary luxury for our bodies to be able to function well for the next day.


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