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5 Photos That are Guaranteed to Light Up Your Day (Monday)!

With a new week ahead of us I figured some photographic inspiration was in order.

The theme of this showcase is light.

More specifically, the Northern Lights!

The aurora borealis is probably one of the most stunning natural phenomena.

It can be difficult to photograph, but these crazy good photographers got some incredible results.

Trust me – one look at these images, and you’ll be packing your car for an overnight trip north!

So, explore these photos, get some great inspiration for your next photography outing, and learn a little bit about how to make your photos even better while you’re at it.

Quantum of Plasma – Artur Stanisz

Now that’s how you photograph the Northern Lights! Not only are the colors of this image spot on, but the other elements of the landscape help create a dramatic setting that only makes the colors of the night sky that much more impressive. Between the leading lines created by the stream to the enormous mountain peaks reaching toward the sky, there is no lack of visual cues to push our eyes upward. And the colors of the aurora reflected in the stream add that much more depth to the shot. Wow!

Elusive Glow – Jens Klettenheimer

One look at this photo should get your creative juices flowing! This is a perfect example of how to capture an effective photo of the night sky. The Northern Lights are on full display, and their deep, saturated color is enhanced by the flatness of the white and black tones that dominate the rest of the shot. What’s more, the crispness of the mountain peaks set against the background of the sky makes for a nice contrast between the sharp edges of the terrain and the soft, flowing nature of the Northern Lights.

Arctic Toilet – JuusoHD

Who knew that a toilet could look so good?! This photo is a prime example of how some of the most mundane objects can become the most beautiful subjects for a photograph. It’s just a matter of finding the right lighting, timing, and composition, and you could have a beautiful shot like this one on your hands. Note how the placement of the toilet in the frame just below the sweeping arch of the cloud above it adds to the whimsy of the shot. There’s no rule of thirds here, and it works great!

Aurora Flavored Kisses – patrickmarsonong

Another prime example of how breaking the rule of thirds can result in an awfully compelling photo! The mountain peak is placed in the dead center of the frame, which works wonderfully for accentuating it’s size and shape. The way that the mountain peak looks as though it’s reaching up towards the Northern Lights is an interesting element as well. Again, we also see how the color of the sky gives the photo much-needed interest given the relatively flat colors of the landscape below.

Ilulissat Aurora, Greenland – nevereverro

By combining a landscape with a townscape, this photographer managed to create an image with tons of visual interest without it feeling overwhelming. The gorgeous light of the Northern Lights is on full display, but is complemented with the twinkle of the town’s lights. The soft reflection of the town’s lights off of the water adds a bit more interest as well. The result? A beautifully layered photo that is a playground for the viewer’s eye.


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